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About GM-Innovations

Who we are, and where we came from

GM-Innovations (GMI for short) began life under the name Go-Mama-Hosting, in 2003. Originally formed with a view to providing hosting services for a specific niche market that we were personally involved in at that time, we quickly grew to accept all types of sites as clients. We saw that the budget end of the hosting market, as is the case with many business types, was dominated by large companies who built their business around a model that we characterize as 'cheap at all costs'. While low prices are great, if it comes at the expense of good quality, we believe that the bargain is often not as great as it may first seem.

So we set out to provide the type of service we would liek to receive ourselves if we were our client - low price is important, but so too is quality of service, flexibility, solid customer support, and through it all, a personal touch with communications. Our business flourished, becoming the leading name in our niche area of hosting for incentive marketign sites, and a substantial customer base beyond that area too. In 2005 we absorbed Refhost, another company specialisign in providing hosting in the incentive marketing arena.

Over the years we have continually expanded our horizons, and now also service a substantial customer base through our syndicate partner sites, Scripts-R-Us and TheScriptStation, each of which provides products and services in the areas of graphic design, web design, programming and script products.

Moving Forward
Reaching for the future

In 2011, we are looking to draw a line under our past and reach forward with a new vigour, under a new name, as GM-Innovations. With the new name comes a whole new online presence, symbolised by this new site, as well as a new billing platform and social media participation. There will also be a new support software system, shared with our online partners, Scripts-R-Us and TheScriptStation, providing an integrated, central hub for our clients, many of whom are customers in more than one of our sites. We're excited about the changes and we hope that you find them to be every bit as dependable as you have in the past, and indeed to be a great step forward in convenience and usability.

As always, we welcome the input of our clients, whether it be a suggestion, a comment, a review or a question. Our interaction with you is the foundation of who we are as a business. It always has been and always will be.

The Fine Print
A few basic legal details

Registered (Australian) Business Name: Supportive Solutions
ABN: 50042815300
Phone Number: 03 5126 2903
Business Location: 3 Phillip Street, Moe, VIC, Australia.


I had no problem getting help fast any time I ask. Can't get much better than that. I am happy I selected your company to host my site. Robert Frank.

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Address: GM-Innovations
28 Trangmar St.
Coleraine Victoria 3315