Basic Server Management

GM-Innovations Basic Server Management for dedicated servers includes the following services to ease the worry and workload of having your own server:

  • Initial Server Setup
    Update Kernel w/ Latest Source & Grsecurity Optimized for WebHosting platform.
    Apply Security Updates & Update all services to latest stable & secure versions.
    Optimize core system & vital services for optimal performance.
  • Standard Features
    Installation of Server Software not included in Basic Server Setup
    System Health Monitoring [Disk Usage, Memory & Processor Usage, Server Load]
    Proactive Security & Software Updates
    3 Hours individualized development work or script debugging per month

A great value at $25.99 per month and $25.99 setup fee
(Setup Fee Temporarily FREE!)

Script and/or cpu load issues debugging support over the allowed 3 hours monthly will be billed at $50.00 per hour.